Honduras: Healing Conference

I was blessed to be asked to lead a conference on healing in Honduras for www.artforhumanity.org headed by an old friend and Pastor Glen Evans.  Glen was my pastor in DC during 9 11.  He retired and started this ministry about 10 years ago.  Four years ago he bought about 200 acres and started a school for poor Honduran young women to help them get out of poverty and start their own businesses.  All the teachers are from Western countries and are volunteers.


A friend in the healing ministry named Mike Evans, www.wholeness.org, let me copy five chapters of his book “Learning to do What Jesus Did” for the women.  All the women must speak English in the school, have a high school education and cannot be married or pregnant.

I began like Mike does by asking if anyone had any pain.  One girl said her sister did who had recently had an appendectomy.  I asked her with a translator, she was new to the school, if I could pray for her.  She said yes.  She said her pain was in her abdomen area since the surgery.  I asked her to put her hand there and if I could put my hand over hers.  She said yes and I called on the Holy Spirit to come and show me how to pray for her.  I sensed he wanted me to just pray for healing.  With my eyes open I prayed a simple prayer asking Jesus to heal her pain.  As I prayed I saw tears streaming down her face.  I asked her how she felt.  She said that the pain was gone.  I asked the girls if they had ever seen a miracle before.  They said no.  I said, now you have.  They clapped for Jesus.

I asked if there was anyone else.  They said one young woman was still in her room unable to come because of a toothache.  I asked them to go and get her.  She came, her name was Angela.  She was crying from the pain she had for three days.  I asked if we could pray for her and if I could put my hand on her jaw where they pain was.  She said yes.  I once again invited the Holy Spirit to come and show me how to pray.  I sensed him say to pray for the pain to go.  I did and then asked her how she was feeling.  She said that the pain stopped.  We all thanked God and gave Jesus another round of applause.  Angela was hugging me by then very happy and stayed the rest of the day. 

This is how the conference began.  Needless to say, the interest of the girls was very strong.  I taught them three chapters of Mike’s book and tried to get them to think about forming Prayer Teams of two or three to pray for themselves and others at the school.  I prayed for many other students and leaders those two days and saw Jesus do something every time.  The faith of these women was so simple and undistracted that they immediately experienced the power of God.  Those of us in the western developed countries could learn much from them. 

Thank you Jesus!  Many of the new students need sponsors to go to college.  Sponsorship would cost $120 a month to send a poor Honduran woman through college and change a nation.  To help go to www.artforhumanity.org.   

Doug Waite