Three Testimonies

Last week I had 3(!!!) testimonies to share.

1) My friend had posted on Facebook (FB) that her aunt was going in for surgery to remove and do a biopsy on her breast.  The doctor said she would be in a lot of pain and to make sure she kept up on the pain medication and that her arm would have limited movement.  I prayed on FB for our Father’s healing power to rid her of this cancer, she’d have no pain, and recovery would be great with thanks for we know this would be done with praise only to our Father. Amen.  My friend let me know that her aunt had NO pain when she woke up and the range of movement in her arm had almost NO limitations! They went for a 2 mile walk and treatment is almost nothing!! I am still blessing my Father for hearing our prayers.

2) A good Christian man and friend of mine at work was asking us if we could hear the radio playing.  We said of course.  He couldn’t and said that when he and his twin brother were 3yrs old they had chicken pox so bad it did damage to the nerves in his ears.  I asked if he had ever asked for healing for them and was so surprised when he said no.  So my co-worker and I got up and I laid my hands on his ears and asked for our Father’s healing power to go to the ends of these nerves and heal them as only our Lord Jesus could with glory and praise given to our Father only.  Amen

We continued talking work and then after a few minutes he looked at me and said that he heard the radio!  Our Father God is so miraculous!!!

3) On the airplane while everyone was loading a man across the aisle from me was going to put his backpack up when the steward threw a bag up there.  The man said what am I supposed to do! He said put it down in front of you.  He was upset and said where am I going to put my feet! (he was good size and I understood what he was talking about).  The gentleman sitting next to me asked what was going on and I explained.  The man that was upset explained to me he wasn’t in the best of mood anyway.  He had just received a call to go and see his brother who didn’t have much time to live.  He also explained that since his mother died 2 years ago (which was very hard) he and his brother had not spoken hardly at all because of bad feelings (not that he didn’t try).

I told him I had an overwhelming sense to lay my hands on him and pray and asked him if I could.  He said sure.  People were still getting settled in the plane and I reached across the aisle and laid my hand on his shoulder. I prayed for our healing Heavenly Father to bring peace and love so wonderful to this man, his brother and everyone else involved that there would be NO doubt that it came from our Father God and thanked Him for we know that this would be done. Amen From that moment on this man’s demeanor was at such a peace and he was so grateful for my prayer. It was undeniable to me the presence of peace and love that I was already feeling around me from this man! Thank you Father beyond words for touching this man and the others.