Hello and Welcome!


Mike Evans


“ I know Doug personally and he is eminently practical as well as a sound balanced teacher in the healing ministry. Doug is a sure guide as he has years of experience. He knows it, does it and helps others do it. God is using Doug among others to restore the healing ministry of Jesus to the whole church. Doug has an enthusiasm for the healing ministry that is contagious.  

God's best for you my friend on this new adventure.“

Mike Evans

Founder/Wholeness Ministries

Bakersfield, CA


Charles H. Kraft, PhD.


“Jesus healed a lot and promised that we'd do his works (Jn 14:12), including healing. Praise God for people like Doug who get busy doing what Jesus said we'd do.

Blessings on you in this new adventure.  Go for it!”

Charles H. Kraft, PhD.

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication at Fuller School of Intercultural Studies (formerly School of World Mission) in Pasadena, CA


Robert G. Tuttle, PhD.


“I’ve known Doug and Gail for most of their lives. I remember Doug as a young student at Fuller Seminary and was impressed from the start. Since then I have followed them with interest as their ministry increasingly took on the mind of Jesus. I so appreciate the emphasis on healing prayer. Many people in the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard will never be the same and since his retirement he has continued to lift up those needing prayers for healing (including myself). Captain Waite is totally committed to Jesus Christ and is totally reliant upon the power of the Holy Spirit to work that special miracle. I trust his heart for people. I trust his love for the Word. I trust his ability to access the power of God for what it is that God is wanting to do in each of our lives. May his tribe increase.”

Robert G. Tuttle, Jr. Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of World Christianity

Asbury Theological Seminary

Author of “Can We Talk;” “The Story of Evangelism;” and “Shortening the Leap.”